Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Karate Camp

The boys have had a wonderful, fun filled summer and they are not ready for it to be over. Unlike some kids, they only attended one camp this summer and it was karate camp. They have really taken to karate and we very excited to attend with their friend Liam and other friends they have met through regular classes. This was an all day camp and after each day the boys would come home with great stories of things they had done that day. They really enjoyed the camp and are already asking to go next year. Perhaps we will sign them up for one early in the summer and one late in the summer next year?

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of them from the week at camp. They each won a medal for an event and they both actually broke boards on the last day!

Here are Henry, Mac and Liam in the middle of one of their groups with a couple of their counselors

Henry is on the right with his silver medal

There is Mac with his gold medal

Here is the group showing their stance.  I wouldn't want to have to spare with any of those kids!
   They are back going to normal classes but are already looking forward to camp next year!

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