Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fun Run!

Over the weekend, the boy’s school had a 1 mile fun run and both of my little guys were excited to participate. The run was to raise money for the school PTA so the boys hit up all of their family for donations. Thanks to everyone who made a donation, you helped us reach our goal and helped the school raise a good deal of money.

You might recall that Mac signed up and ran in the fun run last year (Not so Fun Run), but it was not such a fun run due to the weather that day. It was cold (mid 30’s) and rainy. It was absolutely miserable weather yet he, his mother and Papa all toughed it out and completed the run. Well, I was worried about the weather again this year and again it was not good! It was not nearly as cold, but still rainy and wet. Even though it rained all night and up until it was time to leave for the run, the boys were still excited about running. Both boys did great and finished the run strong. Mac jumped out in front of our group but Henry wasn’t too far behind. Henry wasn’t in it for speed; he was more interested in running along side of some of his classmates than posting a good time. Both boys finished the mile run in under l2 minutes, which is a pretty good pace for a 4 and 7 year olds! I am very proud of them and I am glad this run was actually fun! Maybe this will spark their interest in running more races and start them down the path of a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some pictures from the fun run.

Henry at the start line.

Here is start of the race while we are all still together. Henry is in the yellow coat and Mac is wearing the orange coat.

This is at the half way point and you can see Mac ahead of us while Henry is running with his friend Alexandra.

Here are the boys after the race showing off their finishing medals. They were really proud of themselves, just as their mother and I are. It is a tough thing to get up early on a rainy Saturday morning and run a race.

Good job guys!

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