Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not so Fun Run!

This past weekend Mac ran his first road race or fun run. Meg and I knew of the race and both originally didn’t think much of it. Even though we know Mac could run a mile, we didn’t expect him to want to do the run. One day he came home and asked to sign up for the run because a couple of his friends were going to run. We signed him up and he began soliciting donations. Thanks to our generous families, he raised nearly $200 for his school. Also, since he was towards the top of the money list, he was given the highest level of gifts. Also, he was eligible for the raffle drawing for even cooler prizes that were going to be given away after the race. For a couple of weeks, Mac and his mom would go on training runs to get ready for the fun run. Only there was one thing we didn’t plan on, the horrible weather!
Here is Mac and Papa in the parking lot heading towards the startline

I was worried about the weather for the days prior to the race. Some forecast showed the rain would be done by Saturday morning, while others predicted the rain wouldn’t arrive until late on Saturday afternoon. Well, like most weather people, they were all wrong! When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was about 38 degrees and raining, not ideal for a 6 year olds first attempt at running a road race. After a little coaxing, Mac, his mom and Papa headed out for the fun run. This was the kind of day most adults would have passed on running and I am very proud that Mac gutted up and went out in that horrible weather. His little brother Henry had been sick that week and we decided it was best for him to stay home, so I had to stay with him. I didn't really put up a fight considering the nasty weather!

Here is the crowd at the startline, Mac and Papa are right in the middle

By the time Mac, Meg and Papa reached the starting line, they were all soaked and ready to call it a day and head back to the warm, dry house, but they pressed on and the race started in a downpour. There were some tough moments during the race, but with the encouragement of Mommy, Papa and a random Marist High School student, Mac crossed the finish line running. Even though he wasn’t having a good time, he was determined to stay for the prize drawings. Good thing he did, because his name was the first name picked out of the hat. He was excited until he found out that he won 2 swim lessons at the Concourse Athletic Club. His heart was broken and that pushed him over the edge. Apparently, he wanted the scooter or some other prizes. He felt like he was getting punished for getting the swim lessons. After all, he is already a good swimmer. A breakdown occured and continued all the way home and for sometime after he had gotten back home. He was truly devastated!

Anyway, I am very proud of my little man for signing up and completing the “Not so fun run”. I really hope this experience doesn’t scar him for life and he will never run another race again. I think he has some potential to be a runner when he gets older.

Good job Mac!

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