Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coach Richt gets new deal!

It has been well known in Dawg Nation that Coach Mark Richt was going to get a contract extension after the dawgs went 10-2 in the regular season last year. Discussion about the contract started in December of 2011 and it finally seems the discussions are over and they have come to an agreement. Only Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity has made a point to mention that it is not merely a contract extension, but it is a whole new deal.

“It is a different contract,” McGarity said of the five-year deal that will pay Richt through the 2016 season. “In other words, we’re blowing up the old contract. I shouldn’t say blowing up, but we’re basically starting over with new terminology and things like that that will probably make it easier to read, easier to understand.”

Sounds like the main reason for the new contract is the buyout clause but Richt continues to say he has no desire to leave Athens. “I’ve never really changed my stance on how I feel about Georgia from the first day I got the opportunity to be here,” Richt said. “My goal and my wife Katharyn’s goal was to build our life in Athens, Ga., and raise our children here and finish my coaching career here. That thought has never changed for me.” So Dawg fans and the fans of CMR, we are set for a few more years!

Meanwhile, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham did receive a true contract extension. He was given two more years of his current contract. This will solidify the defense and help with recruiting on the defensive side of the ball.

Go Dawgs!

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