Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sugarland stage collapses!

Over the weekend, a horrible accident occurred at the Indiana State Fair when the stage collapsed between the performances of Sara Bareilles and Sugarland. The stage was basically blown down by huge gusts of wind hitting up to 70 mph. The state fair officials and band managers were aware of an on coming storm but were told it wouldn’t hit until later in the night. They even had a contingency plan ready if the storm did hit while the show was going on. Only they couldn’t have known those wind sheers were going to hit since they were not registering on the radar or any other weather devices. It came out of no where and unfortunately 5 people died and over 40 people were injured in the collapse including a couple of the crew members.

It is amazing that something like that happened and my heart hurts for the family of the ones lost. Only it could have been much worse! If that wind sheer would have hit 10 minutes earlier it would have probably killed or injured Sara Bareilles, her band and crew. If that wind gust would have hit two minutes later than it did, it might have killed Sugarland (Kristian and Jennifer) along with their band and crew. Apparently if it wasn’t for Sugarland’s tour manager, they would have been on stage right when the stage gave way. Tour manager Hellen Rollens looked at the sky and decided to hold the band backstage. A minute later, 60 to 70 mph wind gusts toppled the roof and the metal scaffolding holding lights and other equipment. Kristian’s guitar tech did sustain some broken bones and the mic guy had some facial lacerations, but the rest of the band and crew were under the stage and were able to take cover.

Both Sugarland and Sara Bareilles have issued statements stating how horrified they were and how their thoughts and prayers are with the victims. Also, they both made a comment about the quick response by the emergency crews and other fans who rushed to help out. They both cancelled the show the following night to deal with the tragedy.

Having mutual friends with both Kristian and Jennifer, I have heard they were both pretty distraught over the events of Saturday night. The will have a grief support team with them on the road for the next couple of weeks to help deal with the emotions and feelings the band and crew are experiencing. This isn’t the first time they have had a close call due to weather this tour. Their show in Tuscaloosa was cancelled due to the tornados in the area the night of the show. I was also in T-town that night to see the show and it was a very scary storm. It was only a sign of things to come for Tuscaloosa since the following weekend was the day the major tornados hit the area and devastated parts of the city.

Here are Kristian and Jennifer on stage from a previous concert

Sugarland is planning to have a private memorial for the fans that died and they plan on continuing their tour this weekend. Even thought they will probably not have the same exact set they had for the previous shows of the tour. The Incredible Machine set was destroyed in the accident on Saturday. I am not sure what set they will have, but they are determined to finish out the tour that last through October.

Please send some positive vibes to all of the people who were affected by this freak tragedy. I know they could all use some positive thoughts!

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