Monday, August 22, 2011

Countdown to kickoff!

I feel like it is close enough to start talking about the return of college football. It is now less than two weeks away and I couldn’t be more fired up about it! All of the preseason polls are out and they are interesting to look at but don’t really mean much. A majority of the polls have Oklahoma ranked #1 with Alabama, Oregon and LSU ranked 2, 3, and 4. Then it starts to get varied depending on the poll. Georgia is ranked either 19th or 22nd in the three major polls and their opening opponent is ranked either 5th or 7th.

The Dawgs will be taking on Boise St. in the Georgia dome for the Chick-fila-a Kickoff game on September 3rd. This is a huge game for the Bulldogs! If they can pull the upset it will put them on track for a great season. Since Boise St. is not in the SEC, if the Dawgs don’t win, it won’t be the end of the world. They will have to jump back and get ready to kick off their SEC play the following week against South Carolina. There is a good chance the Dawgs could go 0-2 in their first two games, but I don’t see that happening! I guess that is the Dawg fan in me, but I feel like both of the games are winnable!

Boise St. is not used to playing in places like the Georgia Dome with 70,000 screaming Dawgs fans! They have played in some big time games in the past but none of those games had the home field advantage that the Dawgs are going to have. Also, the Dawgs will be wearing special unis for the game and that will only add to the excitement for the team and the fans.
Here are the Nike Pro Combat uniforms, not very traditional!

It is going to be a tough test for the Dawgs and I am already a little nervous about it. The Broncos have a well seasoned QB and some great receivers. Also, they are used to playing on a quick surface like the Georgia Dome. But they Dawgs have some pretty impresive play makers as well! So I expect a close and exciting game and I can’t wait to get into the dome that Saturday night. The best thing is, win or lose, football is back!

Go Dawgs!

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