Friday, August 12, 2011

PGA Championship!

“Glory’s last shot”, that is the slogan for the PGA Championship. It is sort of silly due to the fact there are many more tournaments to come this season but since it is the last major championship of the year, I can buy it. Anyway, I love playing golf and watching golf and currently I do a lot more watching than playing. So I get pretty excited when it is a week of a major championship. The field is always full of the best players on the planet and there are always interesting story lines to follow.

Going into this week’s tournament the dominate story line was the Adam Scott/Steve Williams/Tiger Woods love hate triangle. It had all of the talking heads and sports writers all a twitter (literally)! I personally loved it! I feel Tiger thinks he is above the rest of the field and to have someone (Steve Williams, Tiger’s former caddie and now Adam Scott’s caddie) make a comment that sort of slapped him in the face was awesome. Of course Adam Scott and Tiger have both taken the high road but I wouldn’t expect either of those guys to do anything different. Steve Williams is probably one of the most recognizable caddies on the tour and I don’t have a problem with him speaking to the media if they come to him, but he should have acknowledged Adam’s accomplishment while taking a jab at Tiger and he didn’t.

Now that the actual rounds are underway, the main story line has quickly changed! Tiger had the worse round in a major of his career and that is one of the smaller story lines, but everyone is talking about Rory McIlroy’s wrist. On the third hole in the first round Rory (who is one of the favorites to win) hit a wayward tee shot and the ball ended up against a root. Taking a huge gamble, Rory decided to go for it instead of chipping out into the fairway. He advanced the ball but in the process he injured his wrist and damaged his 7 iron. He finished the hole but quickly called for a doctor. After talking to the doctor/physiotherapist he wrapped it up and continued to play and ended up with an even par round. It was clear that he was in pain but he powered through the round and I am sure he has gained even more fans than he had before. It seems as though Rory is going to push through the pain and finish out the weekend. My only concern is that if he continues to play he might damage his ligaments permanently. He did have an MRI on Thursday night and nothing was torn. I am sure he discussed things with a doctor before he went back out for round two.

I am looking forward to the weekend coverage of the championship and to see how things unfold. The course is playing tough for most of the pros and I don’t expect the scores to be really low. But these guys are really good and I am sure someone will steep up and put together four good rounds. I just hope that guy is an American since we are currently in a drought for winning majors in the last couple of years.

So kick back and enjoy the golf either at home or at the Atlanta Athletic Club. It really kills me not to be there since it is just down the road a few miles from where my office is located. Believe me; I would rather be there now instead of writing this post!

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