Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Masters Champion!

What a display of ice water in your veins to birdie the last four holes on Sunday in one of the last groups on the course. That is how you handle pressure! Charl Schwartzel is now the proud owner of a Green Jacket! If you would have asked me at the beginning of the week who I thought would be in the top five on Sunday, I would not have named any of the top finishers. That included Tiger Woods! I felt like Tiger would have played well since he always seems to make a charge in the majors. Only I didn’t think he had it in him to win so I wouldn’t have considered him in the top 5. He finished tied for 4th due mainly to him burning up the front 9.

Once I realized my man Phil Mickelson was out of the hunt, I was really pulling for the young man from Northern Ireland, Rory McIIroy. Even though he was having a tough day, he was still in the lead going into the second 9. That is when he crumbled! It was painful to watch him hit bad shot after bad shot. With his fall from the top of the leader board, the race was one. There were some great scores on the back and the Green Jacket was in the grasp of four or five guys. After Tiger posted a 10 under, I thought he was going to have the score to beat, but Adam Scott, Jason Day and Schwartzel blew past his score on the final few holes. Scott and Day played great rounds and didn’t make any real mistakes, but the South African just played the back perfectly and shot a 32 on the second 9. That is how you handle pressure in a major championship.

Nice job Charlie!

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