Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!

The kids are on spring break and they are currently down at the beach with Meg and her parents. Due to work deadlines, I wasn’t able to join them. I will be meeting them in Orlando on Wednesday for some fun in the amusement parks that are not Disney owned. We decided to hit the Universal parks and check them out this year. We are looking forward to the new Harry Potter attraction and the boys are really looking forward to the Spiderman and Dr. Seuss areas of the park. We might hit SeaWorld as well, but that is yet to be determined. It should be a good time and I will give a report once we are back next week.

The only bad thing for me is the fact that spring break happens to fall on Masters week. I will still be following, just not as closely as if I was home. That is why we are coming back on Saturday so I can watch complete coverage of the finial round on Sunday!

Florida, here I come!

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