Thursday, March 17, 2011

Possible Careers?

Recently my kids had a chance to pick a career they might want to do when they grow up. Mac’s school had a career day where he was supposed to dress up as a person in the field he might want to pursue in the future. We talked about him dressing up as a doctor or a veterinarian, an athlete, and even a computer programmer nerd (which could also be a Tech grad), but he decided he wanted to be President. Here is Mac going to school dressed as the President.

Henry also had a chance to dress up as a possible future career but his options were more limited. They were doing a circus theme and had the choice of being the Ring Master, an animal, a clown or a fire fighter. Being the tough little guy that he is, he picked the fire fighter. Here he is putting the ring of fire out with his bucket of water.

Who knows what the future brings for them, but that would be great if one of them grew up to be President or a Fire Fighter. As long as they are doing what they want (and they are making plenty of money not to rely on me), I will be fine with their career choice. They have some time to figure that out!

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Kim said...

Love the pics! President Roberds has a good ring to it.