Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dawgs Pro Day

Tuesday is the day the Georgia players that are hoping to be drafted get to show of their skills for the pro scout on their home turf. The players scheduled to work out for the scouts are Clint Boling, Shaun Chapas, Vance Cuff, Chris Davis, Josh Davis, Akeem Dent, DeMarcus Dobbs, Kris Durham, Darryl Gamble, Chad Gloer, A.J. Green, Justin Houston, Derek Rich, and Kiante Tripp.

This is somewhat the same as what most of these players went through at the Combines last month, but with a little different pressure and set up. When they work out in Athens, they will have familiar surroundings and facilities, they will work with people they know and have been training with. This is just a more comfortable place for them to show their skills. Only, their pro day will be shown on ESPN3.com. So there might be a little added pressure but nothing these guys can’t handle. They are used playing for 90,000 plus fans in every SEC game. They should be just fine!
Here is A.J. Green catching at the combine last month.

There was a slight problem for A.J. Green and Kris Durham. Apparently there is a NFL rule that states the QB that will be throwing the passes to the prospective pros need to live within a certain radius of campus. The QB (Justin Roper) that was scheduled to throw to the top receivers lives outside that radius and therefore the NFL scouts had to leave the field and weren’t able to watch the receivers catch. Sounds to me like the NFL has some silly rules just like the NCAA does, come on, really?

Good luck Dawgs!

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