Monday, March 14, 2011

Dawgs are Dancing!

Yeah, I wasn’t feeling too confident that the UGA Men’s basketball team was going to make in NCAA tournament this year. They are greatly improved and have won some pretty big games this season, but losing to Alabama twice in one week including in the SEC Tournament really made me think they weren’t going to get an invitation to the dance. Apparently, the selection committee wasn’t as unsure as I was; the Dawgs got a 10 seed! I thought if we did squeak in, it would be at a 12 or 13 seed and would have to face a 4th or 5th seed in the opening game. With a 10 seed, now we get to face a more manageable 7th seed in Washington. This is a winnable game and I am pretty confident that the Dawgs will take that game.
Gerald Robinson Jr. attempts a reverse layup in the game against Alabama on Friday in the SEC Tournament

Once the Dawgs get past the Huskies, they more than likely will have to face the North Carolina Tar heels. Now, I am not going to say they will win that game, but they do have a shot. They will have to play their best all around game of the year to win, but it is possible. That would be a pretty big upset, and no doubt would bust up some brackets all around the country. On paper, the Tar heels should roll, but that is on paper and not on the court. The Dawgs have shown great heart and determination this season and I would not be surprised to see them win. Again, all cylinders would need to be clicking that day but it is possible. That is why they play the game and I can’t wait to see that matchup! Of course it will be like a home game for the Tar heels since the game will be in Charlotte.

I love this time of year, hints of spring and March Madness!

Go Dawgs!

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