Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday recap and mission destination!

Tuesday was such a great day for the birthday boy and his little brother. Mac had a great day at school and came home talking about all of the fun things he got to do at school. He was line leader, he got to pick the free center activities and of course his mother brought in cup cakes for everyone. So, that in itself was fun for him. Then later that evening we had another small party for him where he got more gifts. You already know about the Star Wars helmets, well here are the boys modeling them. Notice the little chewbacca!

Here is the birthday boy blowing out the candles!
Here is Mac opening a gift, look at sly little Henry!

Mac with one of his many Star Wars gifts!

Here is Henry with his favorite Princess Lea action figure!

Most of the gifts he got were Star Wars related he got action figures, Wii and DS games, jet fighters and a new T-shirt. After we had cake (again) and he and Henry were all hopped up on the sugar, we wanted to help burn off some of that energy. So Meg created a scavenger hunt for Mac and Henry that would ultimately end in them finding out their mission and the last gift. Here is the progression of the clues that the boys had to follow to find out their finial destination. First clue! (Go to the mail box)
Second clue! (Go to the basketball goal)
Third clue! (Go to Mimi's room, which is the guest room)
Location is disclosed and fourth clue! (Go to the fireplace to find out your mission!)
Info on the final mission! They couldn't believe where they were going! Mac kept saying "Are you serious?"

The final mission for these Jedis is to attend the Star Wars Jedi Experience Exhibit at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. We will be spending the entire weekend in a lake house on Lake Guntersville just outside of Huntsville. On Friday we will be spending the entire day at the US Space and Rocket Center checking out the Star Wars exhibit and of course the other cool NASA things! The boys are so excited and can’t wait to get there and even more excited to do this mission with their fellow Star Wars loving friend Liam. I can’t wait to see all the boys’ faces when we walk into the exhibit!

May the Force be with you!

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