Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mac!

As I said yesterday, Mac’s is going to have week long (maybe more) birthday celebration. But today is his actual birthday and he couldn’t have been more excited this morning. He actually woke up at 2:30am and wanted to open presents. We were able to get him back to sleep after a few minutes of explaining that it was not the appropriate time for gifts and we needed to wait for his brother to wake up to enjoy the gift opening as well.

He woke up at his usual time for school but moved with more spring in his step. He knew he was going to get to open one gift before we left for school even though his little brother wasn’t up yet. Of course he picked the biggest gift and was thrilled to see it was two Star Wars helmets and a stuffed Chewbacca which he took to school. He was so happy and excited about school today; his mom was bringing cupcakes for all of his classmates and of course, they were Star Wars themed. When he walked into his classroom this morning, all of the kids that were there yelled Happy Birthday Mac! He was so happy and so excited! The he gets to look forward to opening the rest of his presents tonight after I get home from work. I loved seeing the happiness on his face when he walked downstairs this morning to his pile of presents. I was like a mini Christmas! As if you couldn’t tell, he really gets into birthdays!

I am just wondering where this two month old went?

Who knew that angel would turn into this wonderful young man?

Here he is today at school with his little brother. Henry was able to go with Meg to take cupcakes to Mac’s class.

Now he is six years old and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of how my oldest son has turned out so far! He is such a happy child and truly loves his brother and his parents. What else can I ask for?

Happy Birthday Mac!

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Mac! You make us proud too! Enjoy your sixth year.