Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Braves make a move!

After a good performance by the Braves that made the All-Star team (and played) the National League finially won a game. Braves catcher Brian McCann was named the MVP of the mid-summer classic and the win will give the Braves home field advantage once they make the World Series this year!

The Braves continue to be in the news with the trade of shortstop Yunel Escobar and minor league pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes for shortstop Alex Gonzalez and two minor league players. I feel part of this deal is excellent while the other I am not so sure about. The swapping of shortstops is the great! Gonzalez entered the All-Star break with a .259 batting average, 17 home runs, 25 doubles and 50 RBI, while Escobar was batting .238 with 0 home runs and 19 RBI. Also, I was tired of seeing Yunel hot dog it on the field and not hustling. He made way too many errors and never reached his potential. With Gonzalez, the Braves have a proven All-Star who has played in and won a World Series while with the Marlins. He brings a lot more experience and discipline to the team.

The part I am not so sure about is giving up Reyes for minor-league pitcher Tim Collins and minor-league shortstop Tyler Pastornicky. I know that Reyes was going to be in the majors in a year or so and would be a valuable part of the rotation. I don’t know about Collins and Pastornicky. I hope they pan out but you never know!

I am glad to see the Braves front office making some moves instead of sitting on their hands. I feel like the Braves have a good team and another move or two could push them over the top. I suspect there will be another big trade or acquisition before the trade deadline. I think they owe it to Manager Bobby Cox to do all they can to give him a shot at another World Championship!

Go Braves!

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