Monday, July 12, 2010

What a week!

OK, we are back from a nice trip to the beach where the weather couldn’t have been better for us and there were no tar balls! Well, we where on the Atlantic side of Florida, so I didn’t really think we would see any. They kids had a great time playing in the pools and even in the ocean with their cousins. A good time was had by all and now we are trying to get back into our normal routines. The first day or two back are always tough, but I am working my way through. I hope to get some pictures posted soon.

But what a week in sports! First of all Meg and I ran the Peachtree Road Race and it was brutal as usual but there is a sense of satisfaction when you cross the finish line, even if your time is not what you wanted! Then there were a lot of sports news last week.

*Starting with the NBA free agent frenzy or should we just call it the LeBron James Circus. I can’t believe he signed with Miami along with D-Wade and Chris Bosch. Looks like the Heat it the new mega team to beat in the East! Something seems fishy about those deals and I think they should be looked into by the NBA. Also, the Hawks finally sign Joe Johnson to a max deal. Not sure that was real smart, but was our best option so I guess it is good to get Joe locked up for 6 years.

*Then the semifinals and finials of the World Cup! All of the games were really exciting and I am glad I was on vacation so I could see them. I had picked Spain to win it all at the beginning of the tournament but my track record wasn’t nearly as good as the prognosticating octopus who picked all of the games correctly.

*The Thrashers resign Eric Boulton to a year deal. Boulton is a big bruising forward who is not afraid to mix it up. He helps the team with his size and physical play. I am glad to see Boulton back in Blueland.

*The Braves kept rolling with some big wins and now lead the division by 4 games going into the All Star break.

*UGA’s Damon Evans resigned as Athletic Director after is DUI arrest on June 30th.

*The Tour de France was in full swing and after Sunday’s stage, Lance Armstrong is no longer in contention. He has some serious bad luck and crashed three times on the first mountain stage. Those crashes put him so far behind the leaders it would be impossible for him to get back on top so now he will be a domestic for his teammate Levi Leipheimer. Even though this is Lance’s last tour, I don’t think he will go quietly. I predict we see a stage win from him before it is over.

*Then on Thursday, Steve Stricker shots an amazing 60 in the first round of the John Deere Classic, only to be out done by Paul Goydos who shot a 59 on the same day. That is crazy! That was only the 4th 59 shot in a PGA tournament but to think he was only leading by 1 at the end of the day is even crazier! Stricker went on to win the tournament!

Like a said it was a crazy week in sports!

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