Friday, May 28, 2010

Wine Review - 2005 Erath Pinot Blanc

As you have heard me mention before, there are some outstanding wines coming out of Oregon and this one is keeping falls into this category. Erath Winery has been producing wines for over 40 years and they focus mainly on growing and creating pinots. There location in Oregon has the perfect climate for growing these delicate pinot grapes. There selection of pinots include; Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc.

The 2005 Pinot Blanc is a medium bodied white that has aromas of green apple, vanilla and some floral hints. In the mouth is has a nice balance of acidity and minerals. Also you will find flavors of apple and pear. This wine is ready to drink now and shouldn’t be kept much longer before opening. It will pair well with a most fish dishes and pastas with a cream sauce. Or you can drink it as an aperitif like we did. It will really hit the spot on the warm summer evenings we are about to experience!


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