Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New QB, New D, no new Uga!

Georgia will open the football season with a new quarterback, a new defense — but no new Uga. Apparently several puppies have been singled out to be Uga VIII but none of them will be big enough by the start of the season. That is coming from Sonny Seiler who is the owner of the English bulldogs that have served as Georgia’s mascot since 1956. Also, there is another litter due to be born next month and one of those pups might move into the role of Uga VIII.

That means Russ, the 5-year-old half-brother of the late Uga VII, will continue to fill in as the Bulldogs’ mascot for the Sept. 4 opener and at least one or two more games. He did a great job filling in for Uga VII after he died unexpectedly in November, serving as the Bulldogs’ mascot, Russ got a great win at Georgia Tech and an Independence Bowl victory over Texas A&M. Seiler has said that Russ is too old to be considered for the position of Uga VIII; a younger dog is preferred to increase the chances of a long tenure.
Here is a picture of Uga VII

So there will be a lot to look forward to in Athens on Sept 4th, but a new Uga VIII won’t be one of them. But as long as Russ keeps winning, I will be fine waiting on the new Uga!

Go Dawgs!

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