Monday, May 24, 2010

Truly Lost!

I never got into the show “Lost”, I said I would never get involved in a TV drama like that again after I was burnt by the lackluster finale of “The X Files”. But I know there is a huge loyal fan base out there and since the series finale was on Sunday night, I know there are “Lost” fans everywhere still yearning for a resolution. I can’t really help you out since I didn’t watch one episode of the series, but I can shed a little light on what the show was really all about. Again, I can relate all of life’s lessons and insight back to the best show ever created, “The Simpson’s”! I am sure all of the "Lost" fans missed this since they aired at the same time, but they only had to watch the opening sequence on the Simpson’s to know how Lost was going to end. See for yourself!

Now I am not sure if that is truly the way it ended, but in talking to some people, it was pretty close! I am sure they will make a movie in the future to give complete closure and of course make billions on all of the “Lost” fanatics!

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