Friday, March 26, 2010

Wine Review – Wakefield of Clare Valley 07 Shiraz

Wakefield Wines of Clare Valley has been a family business for over three generations and have become known for their high quality wines and are beloved in Australia and around the world. They credit the soil or the ‘terra rossa’ for their delicious and elegant wines. During their initial excavation of their property, they found fossils of ocean creatures including seahorses. That is why they have chosen three seahorses as the company insignia.

The 2007 Shiraz is rich and elegant. It has a dark garnet color in the glass and the legs seem to slowly stretch the length of the glass. Some Australian Shiraz's come off as heavy and one dimensional. This Shiraz is not like that, it is very smooth and complex. On the nose you will find aromas of dark berry and plums with a hint of spice. On the palate you will get a nice dose of ripe red fruit with a hint of vanilla and earth. It is well balanced and has a nice long finish. As it opened up, it became smoother and hints of dark chocolate came through. It went extremely well with our grilled steaks and asparagus. This wine is reasonably priced around $19.99 but I have seen it a little cheaper on the internet. I have been purposely avoiding Shiraz's lately due to the heavy, high alcohol tastes most produce. But this bottle is going to get me back on the Australian Shiraz train, it was just that good!


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