Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hawks clinch playoff spot!

With most of the country following the NCAA tournament, most people have not been following the NBA. But here is a quick note on the local NBA team; the Hawks have clinched a playoff spot! With a thrilling win last night over the Eastern Conference leading Orlando Magic 86-84, the Hawks have now clinched a spot in the playoffs again. I say again because it was the second time in a week that the Hawks have been informed that they're in the postseason, though this time it appears it will stick. After beating San Antonio in overtime last Sunday, the Hawks were told by the NBA that they had clinched, only to learn later that a certain tie-breaking scenario meant they had not. The win broke a 4-game losing streak against the Magic and it proves they can hang with the Eastern Conference leaders. They are currently tied for third in the conference standings with Boston. If the standings stay this way, Boston would win the tiebreaker due to them winning their division.

Go Hawks!

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