Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan reaches a buyout deal with NBC

Looks like the late night wars will be coming to an end soon. Conan O’Brien has come to a buyout agreement with NBC. The deal will allow Jay Leno to return to the “Tonight Show” which he hosted for 17 years and Conan will receive 32 million. So even though he was screwed, I don't feel bad for him! Also, Conan wasn’t just looking for a payout for himself, he also worked out a deal for all of his staff. The entire staff will split up 12 million in severance packages. That is one reason why I like Conan so much, he wasn’t just looking out for himself, he wanted to make sure he entire staff was also compensated fairly for their time and efforts. Most of which moved from New York to LA just for the show.

I am sure Conan will lay low for a while after his finial show airs on NBC, but I expect for him to resurface soon on another network. The obvious choice would be Fox, but who knows? Until then, I will enjoy watching his monologue where he has been ripping the network and Leno for their recent actions.

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