Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can you say hypocrite?

I stumbled across this story and thought is was too good not to share with my three readers. This story comes from and it is a classic! Apparently the head of anti-gambling task force in Alabama resigned after going across the border to Mississippi gamble. Perhaps he could have played it off as saying he was “doing research on how corrupt and evil gambling truly is”, but he ended up winning a big pay out. Here is a quote from David Barber’s resignation letter.

“On a recent visit to Mississippi, I visited a legal casino and won a $2,300 prize playing a legal game,” Barber wrote in his resignation letter to Gov. Bob Riley. “While my actions were in full compliance with the law, I am convinced that the forces that operate illegal casinos in Alabama will focus on my actions as part of their continuing effort to smear you and your Task Force.”

Upon further investigation, it seems the man who created this role for Mr. Barber as the head of anti-gambling task force, Alabama Governor Riley, was actually getting huge campaign contributions from the Mississippi Indian’s who own casinos. Apparently the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi contributed $13 million to Riley’s campaign in 2002. That is why Governor Riley is so against gambling in Alabama and why David Barber had a government job. Man, why do politicians have to be so corrupt?

It is a pretty funny story though! (Insert your best Alabama joke here!)

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