Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I was looking forward to watching the Grammys after hearing all of the people scheduled to perform but after it was all over, I was left scratching my head! I just don’t get some of the performances! I will say the production value of the performances is getting out of control. What ever happened to the idea that a band or a performer would just come out and perform the song? Now you have to have faceless dancers, a factory with a working incinerator, a Cirque du Soleil trapeze and a bucket of water, futuristic dancing robots, 100 armored dancers, a Broadway cast, a full string section with accompanying chorus or 3D glasses (which by the way, I couldn’t find mine)! I will say the show kept me on my toes and I was worried about what come out next.

Another thing I have come to expect is a young up and coming artist or group is going to be paired with an old has been to try and give the young group validity and the old person relevancy. It usually doesn’t work out for either side. The Taylor Swift/Stevie Nicks duet was horrible and the Zac Brown Band playing with Leon Russell sounded good but it seemed like someone just placed Leon on stage and said play your song when the lights are on you. Zac Brown and his boys sounded good playing America the Beautiful, then went into Leon’s song then into the ZBB’s hit Chicken Fried. But Leon looked lost after his portion was over. Another unsuccessful pairing! But at least the ZBB won the best new artist award.
I did think the Dave Mathew’s Band performance was exceptional and I didn’t mind all of the extras during that performance. Did anyone else notice the curtain fall on the chick from Lady Antebellum during their performance? What a pro, she didn’t even miss a beat! Also, who else was a little uncomfortable watching Michael Jackson’s kids on stage accepting that award for their dad.

As you might expect, I don’t agree with most of the winners since my taste aren’t quite the same as the Academy’s. But I will say the Grammy’s have been the most interesting award show so far this year! Don't you just love the awards season? Bring on the next one!

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