Friday, October 2, 2009

Dawgs, Thrashers, and Panic?

This weekend poses a tough decision for me. The Dawgs are playing the #4 ranked LSU Tigers in Athens, the Atlanta Thrashers open their season with a game against the Tampa Bay Lighting at Philips arena and Widespread Panic is playing a couple of shows with The Allman Brothers just up the road in Charlotte. What is a guy like me suppose to do? I would love to be in Athens to cheer the Dawgs on to a huge victory, but I would also love to be in Philips arena watching the new and improved Thrashers take on a division rival in the first game of the season, while I would also love to see two big time local bands playing great music in Charlotte. So what event did I decide to attend this weekend?

…..Wait for it

….Wait for it

Widespread Panic in Charlotte!

I bet most of you would have thought that I was going to go with the Dawgs and normally I would. But I have faith that they will pull out a victory even if I am not in the stadium. Also, we are going to see some old friends at the Panic/Allman Brothers show and that played a big part in the decision. We plan on watching most of the Georgia game before we go in to the amphitheater and I will be checking my phone constantly getting updates. As for the Thrashers, I plan to attend several games in the upcoming season so I will get my hockey fix soon enough!

Go Dawgs, Go Thrashers and Rock and Roll!

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wise choice