Monday, October 5, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Watch this and see if you see any excessive celebrating considering the touch down catch was with a minute left in the game. The rule states that if there a celebration there must be other teammates around and there is not taunting involved. There is no taunting involved here, just pure joy in taking the lead in an extremely tight game.

Even the head of officials, Rogers Redding, said the call on A.J. Green was wrong! You see Tim Tebow celebrate more than that when he gains two yards for a first down! This rule has to change; it is really getting out of hand. Georgia really didn’t play well enough to deserve a win in this game, but they found a way to take the lead in the last minutes and the refs handed LSU a gift. The defense should have made some plays in the last minute, but they also should have never been in that situation!

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