Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where did my baby go?

Today is the first day of school for my youngest son, Henry, and now it is official, we no longer have a baby! Of course Henry and Mac will always be our babies, but they are now little boys. Henry will be going two days a week for three hours at a nearby church preschool. He has been waiting on this day for over a year. He used to love to go pickup his brother at his last school because he would go in and play in the classroom for a while. Now that his brother has been back in school, Henry has been wearing his backpack on a daily basis. He has even fallen asleep with the backpack on! Even though he is only 2 ½ he is ready for a school environment. He was a little nervous this morning but I am confident that once he goes a few days, he will love it. I just can’t believe that he has started school, where did my baby go?Here is a picture of Henry and the nanny on Mac’s first day of school. Notice the backpack!


Kim said...

Henry does not look happy.... Or maybe it's too early in the am. He's so cute. Have a good first week, Henry!

Alan said...

Well, this picture isn't actually from his first day of school. This is from Mac's first day, and he had just gotten up from a quick nap. I plan on getting some more pictures of him at school this week. But he does have his backpack on and that was the main reason for posting this picture.