Friday, August 1, 2008

Wine Review – Vino Porta 2006 Reserva Carmenere

This is wine that is created from the national grape of Chile and is quickly making itself known in the international wine marketplace. This grape is closely related to merlot and to cabernet sauvignon actually for years this grape was mistaken for merlot and sold as such. Now they are separated and carmenere is coming into it’s own. The Vino Porta winery, located in the Maipo Valley of Chile, is one of the leading exporters of this grape and is considered as Chile’s first boutique wineries. The 2006 Reserva Carmenere has a very deep, dark , crimson color and is very bold looking in the glass. On the nose there are smells of pepper, herbs, plums and a hint of chocolate. This is a full bodied wine and has nice flavors of dark fruit and spice. It finishes warm and long and would go excellent with a grilled steak or lamb. This is still a considerable bargain being priced in the 10.99 to 13.99 range. But I imagine this price will jump soon once more people find out about the South American gem!


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