Saturday, August 2, 2008

1 year anniversary of Meg’s surgery

Back on July 19th I acknowledged (notice I didn’t say celebrated) the one year anniversary of Meg’s cancer diagnoses. Well today is the one year anniversary of her surgery. I guess July 19th was the day our lives changed mentally, but one year ago today, Meg physically changed. It was probably the longest day of my life! Meg was in surgery for about 10 hours and I swear time stood still that day. I had great support from our family and friends, but that still didn’t help make the time pass. I was one of the first people in the waiting room that day and along with my parents and Meg’s parents, we were the last people to leave the waiting room that night. Even though we would get periodic reports during the day from a doctor or a PA, I still felt helpless not knowing what was really going on.

Looking back over the year from this day to that day, it has been one rocky ride. She had an extremely tough recovery from the surgery that went about 2 months longer than we expected, due to bad advice from her old plastic surgeon which caused major infections that could have been deadly. Once those were cleared up, she moved on to chemo and everyone knows that does to a person. It was a complete roller coaster! She would go from feeling good to being totally debilitated and not able to move at all. But through it all, Meg has shown tremendous courage and strength, she truly is an amazing woman. Even though it has been a full year, there is still more to come. She remains on hormone therapy for another 4 ½ years and will also have some more surgeries. The next one will be on August 15th. This surgery is going to clean up all of her scars and remove some scar tissue. It shouldn’t be anything close to what she went through one year ago today, but surgery is surgery and she will need about 3-4 weeks to fully recover.

Again, I can’t thank everyone who has supported us over the past year, we couldn’t have survived with out you all! Also, please continue to keep Meg in your thoughts as she continues recovering both physically and mentally and please continue to support breast cancer research. If you would like to support Meg’s friend Gina, she is walking in the upcoming Breast Cancer 3-Day. To donate to Gina’s fundraising page, click on the link below:

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John Howard said...

Hey Man:

I can't believe it has been a year! I know it seemed forever to you and Meg, and I know you will never be able to count the prayers that have been coming your way. I am happy for you (and selfishly, for me) that she is doing so well. One year down and a lifetime to go!