Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favre getting an offer to go away!

Even if you are not a sports fan, you have probably heard about Brett Favre wanting to come out of his very brief (a few months) retirement and play again for the Green Bay Packers. But the Packers don’t want him back and have moved forward with Aaron Rodgers as their QB. The Packers organization is in quite a bind here! Once Favre is reinstated by the NFL Commissioner, the Packers will have 24 hours to trade him, add him to their roster or just release him. If they release him, the will probably sign with division rivals Minnesota or Chicago. Right now, they are the only teams interested in a trade and they are not offering up a lot as trade bait. Then if they bring him back to the Packers, that will kill Aaron Rodgers psyche. So, it now sounds like the Packers are trying to payoff Favre to stay in retirement and just go away.

WTMJ television in Milwaukee reported the team offered Favre several million dollars to stay retired, and the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported on its Web site that the team offered Favre "a substantial salary" to stay away. Both reports cited sources close to Favre. Neither of these reports have been confirmed or denied by anyone in the Packers organization or by Favre himself. This saga is going on to long! First of all, Favre should have never retired. I think he was talked into it by the Packers last year. He still has the fire and desire to play. It is clear that the Packers are ready to move forward and start the post-Favre years with their new young QB’s. Only they don’t want Favre playing for anyone else. I say, if you love something you have to let it go! They obviously love Favre in Green Bay, but most of the greatest players end their careers playing for other teams; Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, and Emmitt Smith all ended their careers with different teams. So, let Brett go and play for someone else. Just hope that his new team is not the team that knocks the Packers out of the playoffs in January! It will be strange to see Favre in another uniform if that happens.

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