Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Braves pull the trigger on Tex!

Well, as much as I hated to do it, I am glad the Braves traded Mark Teixeira. It was clear he would not resign with the Braves next year and we just couldn’t let him walk away. So since it is now crystal clear that the Braves have no shot at the playoffs, the best thing to do was trade him. The trade to the LA Angels went official last night and in return the Braves got a very solid 1st baseman (Casey Kotchman) to replace Tex along with a top young pitching prospect (Stephen Marek). Getting Kotchman was a good start to the retooling of the team. He is a very strong defensive first baseman who can hit for power. Also, he is relatively cheap compared to Tex and won’t be a free agent for another 3 years. So that is one position we don’t have to worry about anytime real soon!

I hated that the Braves were in this position; this is the first time in since 1989 that we have not been in the playoff picture at the trade deadline. But I think the Braves GM, Frank Wren, took the best deal out there and now he needs to figure out how to get some pitchers on the team and how to get Francour to start hitting again!

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