Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 years ago!

It was on this day five years ago that my family’s lives were pitched a curve ball. That was the day we found out that Meg had Invasive Ductile Carcinoma. I can still remember some of the small details from that day and just writing this post gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. That day our lives took an unexpected detour that was filled with speed bumps and potholes. That was an extremely hard year and time seemed to move at a snails pace. The surgeries, the treatments, the good days, the bad days, the hair loss, and the uncertainties were all extremely hard to deal with for Meg and everyone around her. Looking back, I have to say, it was easily the toughest year in our lives.

Now those days seem like a distant memory. Even though the cancer will always have an affect on our lives, it really seems like it is a non factor. Meg is back to living her life the way she wants, she is very active with the boys, she works out daily, and is busier than ever with work. What a difference a few years can make! I am so thankful that my wife is a fighter and didn’t let this horrible cancer take her down. There were some tough times, but that is all in the past. She has some occasional doctor’s visits just to check levels and blood counts but for the most part, she is done.

Thanks again for all the help and thoughts and prayers during our tough times. We are both truly grateful!

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