Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mickelson is inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame

On Monday night, Phil Mickelson along with four others were inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine Florida. This is a huge honor and for me it is a little strange since he is still playing at a very high level right now and I don’t see a decline coming in the next few years. When I think of someone getting inducted into any type of Hall of Fame, I relate that to an athlete or performer who is either out of the game or close to the end of their career. With Phil he is still playing strong and contending in the biggest tournaments in the world. Phil even states himself that it is a huge honor but a little odd since he is still playing the best golf he has ever played. I guess the timing is the only thing that is odd since he was going into the hall at one time or another.

Here is the video tribute to Phil narrated by the guy who inducted him in the Hall, Steve Loy.

If you want to see highlights of Phil's induction speech, fast forward to the 8 minute mark or so in the video below.  He has some pretty good lines in the speech as well as some very heart warming comments. 

Congrats Phil and I good luck this weekend at the Players Championship! 

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