Thursday, February 2, 2012

Athen's musicians take a stand!

Patterson Hood, front man for the Drive By Truckers, has assembled a variety of Athens, GA musicians including Mike Mills from REM and John Bell and Todd Nance from Widespread Panic to record “After It’s Gone.” The song is an effort to protest a proposed building in downtown Athens anchored by a 94,000 square foot Walmart. The group known as Patterson Hood and the Downtown 13 has recorded the song for the Protect Downtown Athens organization. All of the musicians involved are long time Athens residents and would like to keep downtown Athens vibrant and dynamic with small local shops, restaurants and bars. Check out the video for the song below.

The band on “After It’s Gone” features:
Patterson Hood - Lead Vocals, Guitar (Drive By Truckers)
Mike Mills - Harmonies and Piano (REM)
John Bell - Lead Vocals (Widespread Panic)
Todd Nance – Percussion (Widespread Panic)
John Neff - Pedal Steel
David Barbe – Bass
Jay Gonzalez - Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Brad Morgan - Drums
Claire Campbell - Banjo and Harmonies
Lera Lynn - Harmonies
Brannen Miles, Carter King and Payton Bradford - Backing Vocals
Henry Barbe - Electric Guitar

To learn more about the project to protect downtown Athens go here:

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