Friday, November 4, 2011


Being a Georgia supporter, I am not a big fan of former University of Florida QB Tim Tebow. I will give him props by saying is he was a great college player, but his game hasn’t really translated to the pro game. Now he is the starting QB for the Denver Broncos and has had some ups and downs this season. In his best game of the season so far he brought his team back from a huge deficit to win the game in OT. During that game, his actions spawned a new phenomenon called Tebowing!
Tebowing started when Tim dropped to a knee and began praying as his teammates wildly celebrated around him after an improbable overtime victory in Miami. That was simply Tebow "Tebowing," a phrase coined by a fan sitting in a bar in New York watching the popular yet polarizing quarterback rally the Denver Broncos.

Jared Kleinstein was mesmerized by Tebow's peaceful demeanor kneeling on the turf amid all the chaos that ensued. He launched a website in which fans could submit photos of themselves "Tebowing," which means getting down on a knee and praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Almost overnight, it caught on through social media. He went from an audience of 785 to nearly 390,000 in just a few days. The amount of pictures he's receiving also is staggering. A couple of days after the site went live; Kleinstein had to sort through more than 1,300 snapshots to post on the site.

But Kleinstein wanted to make one thing clear: The undertaking isn't meant to mock Tebow or poke fun at his religious beliefs, just show support. Tebow said he appreciated the spirit of the website. "Yeah, some people don't necessarily take it seriously but they're on their knee praying, so who knows what you're going to think about after that and how that can affect you?" Tebow said. "Hopefully, it's a good example for people."

I just love to see where people are Tebowing and some of the cleaver names they give their actions! Hilarious! Check out the site:

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