Tuesday, November 1, 2011

24-20 Dawgs!

What can I say, a Win is a Win! Georgia finally got back in the win column against hated rival Florida this past weekend by the score of 24-20. It was not a pretty game by either team but once it was over, the Dawgs came out on top. The defense was the only bright spot of the game. The special teams were horrible and the offense was flat most of the game. They were able to make some big plays when needed but still have a lot to work on this week.

This win continues the streak to 6 wins after dropping the first two games of the season. That win might have saved Coach Richt’s job even if we don’t make it to the SEC Championship game. Now the Dawgs need to focus on winning the remaining conference games (which is not a given since we have to play the defending National Champions) and need a little help from either Arkansas or Florida when they play South Carolina. For now, I will just enjoy the long awaited win against the Gators!

Go Dawgs!

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Anonymous said...

Aww...rite, Dawgs fans! Have another toke....just done beat 'dem new mexicans!