Friday, October 7, 2011

Panic X 2!

Widespread Panic is currently in the middle of their fall tour. Since this is their 25th year as a band, they are playing some smaller than usual venues. They are currently in the southern swing and will be in Atlanta this weekend. They have been playing all around the south for the last two weeks and several of the shows were a drivable distance. Due to kids, jobs, and other adult responsibilities we weren’t able to make all of the shows we wanted to attend. But we were able to hit Tuscaloosa last weekend for their first ever show at the new Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre.

Here is Panic on stage

That night happened to be a birthday of our good friend Mark who is a big Panic fan as well. We worked with his wife to pull off a set of surprises for Mark on his special day. Jenn was able to keep all of the surprises from him until they happened. He didn’t figure out where he was going until the day they left. He didn’t know we were going to meet them in Tuscaloosa until we showed up and he didn’t know our other friends Mike and Kelley were going to be there either until they showed up. Thanks to Mike and Kelley, we were able to provide Mark with another surprise at the venue, VIP box seats! That just made the night even better! Having a waitress (no matter how slow she was) means you spend more time with the band and not in line. It was a great night of friends, fun and great music.

Here I am with Jenn and Mark

Meg and I

Mike and Kelley with Kelley's brother and wife

This coming weekend, we plan on doing it all over again. Panic is playing at Verizon Amphitheater and we will be there to enjoy another great show by the boys from Athens. This time we will be in the regular general admission area and not in a VIP box, but it will still be a good show.

Having a good time!

I hope to have more pictures to post soon!

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