Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Larry!

Today’s Larry Munson’s 89th birthday! It has been a couple of years since he left the both calling the Georgia games and the new crew is good, but nothing compares to Larry. I could post a long drawn out post about some of his most memorable calls since 1966 when he started calling Georgia games but I don’t have the time and I would have a real hard time narrowing down the best calls.

I do know one of my top three calls and that was after the end of the Auburn game in 1982 – “Look at the Sugar falling from the sky!” Winning that game got the Dawgs into the Sugar Bowl that year! Love it!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Larry! You will always be the “Voice of the Dawgs!”

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Anonymous said...

Larry, ya gotta luv it! Tech is 5-0. GO JACKETS!!!!