Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last Thrasher’s post!

This will be my last Thrasher’s post ever! Not because I don’t care, believe me, I am still completely pissed off that they were moved. I am angry with the Atlanta Spirit Group and even angrier with the spineless Commissioner of the NHL. Now the 7th largest market in the US is without a hockey team and all just so Commissioner Bettman and the NHL could get the 60 million dollar buyout.

It is official that the Thrashers new name is going to be the Winnipeg Jets. This was the name of the NHL team that used to be in Winnipeg before they were moved to Arizona due to poor attendance the lack of local support. I have a good idea; let’s give those slackers another chance! That is BS! There were rumors of possibly going with another name, but I figured it was going to be the Jets.

Anyway, to show how Commissioner Bettman loves the fans, he and the NHL are shutting down the Fan forum on I guess it could have been because all of the angry Thrasher fans were flooding the forum with bad comments about the league and Bettman. That is the way to address the issue! Avoid the city you are robbing and now cut out the opportunity for fans (any fans, not just Thrasher fans) to have a voice. Stay Classy Bettman!

Now I am going to have to figure out what to do with my extra time in the fall and winter during hockey season. I sure won’t be watching any games! Maybe I will take up origami.

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