Monday, May 9, 2011

Derby de Mayo!

Over the weekend we had a Derby de Mayo party to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the running of the Kentucky Derby and our friend’s 40th birthday. We tried to incorporate the different themes into one party. We had Mexican food and drinks, with some off track betting on the horses and of course a horse shaped piñata! There were fake mustaches, sombreros, derby hats and even a bow tie (nice BK), it was all very festive!

It was great to have all of the kids there to enjoy it all. It is rare we get that group together at the same time and it was fun to see how all of the kids have grown. It was fun watching the Kentucky Derby; it truly is the most exciting two minutes in sports! Everyone picked a horse and since I was also manning the grill, I was last to pick. I took one of the horses that no one else wanted and sure enough, I picked the winner. Well, I guess saying I picked the winner in not accurate, but you know what I mean!

Here are some pictures from the party! Meg, Mac, Henry and little TillmanJim and Spencer chilling on the back deckSenor Liam and Senor Henry
Reese and Kayla taking a juice breakKids patiently awaiting the pinata
Amigos with mustaches and light sabers!
Harrison with Natalie and Kate

Pinata time for the birthday nino!

Birthday boy taking aim at the pinata (the wrong way)
Another miss!

Mike, Connor, BK, Reese and Jim hanging in the yardCake time!Blowing out the candles!All the kids (minus Tillman who was already asleep for the night)!
All of the adults (and maybe a child or two)

It was great to see everyone and I hope all our guests had as much fun as we did.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Jim!

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kelly said...

We had a blast, thanks for hosting! Best Derby de Mayo party ever.