Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going Boling again!

After a disappointing loss in the Liberty bowl, UGA’s star offensive lineman will get one more change to play a football game as a student athlete. Dawgs Senior lineman, Clint Boling, will be playing this weekend in Mobile for the Under Armour Senior Bowl. He was selected to play in the game just after the college bowl season was over. Clint has been a four year starter in Athens and has numerous awards and achievements including All SEC 1st team for the last three years. He is projected to go in the first or possibly the second round in the up coming NFL draft.

Here is Clint practicing in Fairhope, Alabama for the Senior Bowl.

I am writing this post for a couple of reasons, one of which is Clint is a Dawg and I want to support his efforts and notify people of this honor. Another reason is Clint’s mother is my son’s PE teacher at school. All throughout the season I would watch the games with Mac and he would ask where Clint Boling was on the field. When the Dawgs were offense, I would point him out throughout the game. Then the next week at school, Mac would tell Mrs. Boling that he saw Clint on TV and he played a good game. Once the season was over I explained to him that Clint would not be on the team next year and he was going to be picked high in the draft. For the last few weeks he would hear me talking about Georgia sports and ask me if Clint had been drafted yet. I would tell him the draft is still a few months away and he is probably getting ready for the draft.

Last week, Mrs. Boling had a speaker come talk to the kindergarten classes about nutrition and exercise. Before the speaker started talking, Mac raised his hand and Mrs Boling called on him. Mac asked the following question “Mrs Boling is Clint ready for the draft?” The next day, Mrs. Boling stopped me in the hall to tell me the story and she said she called Clint to let him know of the question that Mac asked. I was so proud and it sounds like it made Mrs. Boling and Clint’s day. She said that Clint wanted to come to her school to meet the kids one day after the draft and I am sure he will make a special effort to meet one of his biggest fans, Mac Roberds.

The Senior Bowl will be played on Saturday at 3pm and will air on the NFL Network.

Good luck Clint!

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