Friday, October 29, 2010

Ga/Fla Weekend

This is a big weekend for all kinds of tricks and treats. The boys are very excited about all of the Halloween activities this weekend and of course the trick or treating on Sunday night. While I am excited about that as well, my main focus is on the Dawgs traveling down to Jacksonville to take on the hated Gators. This matchup is not the same as it has been in past years, neither team is ranked in the top 25 and both are trying to salvage their season with a win. But that is not going to cut back on the excitement of the matchup. No matter what the season situation is for either team, this is a huge game and both sides want to win.

I can go through and provide some numbers that show trends and on what the outcome might be, but that really doesn’t matter. On paper, the Dawgs have a better team, they have a better QA in Aaron Murray they have the best receiver in the country in AJ Green and the Dawgs running backs are better then one wearing orange and blue. Don’t forget Georgia’s kicking game is tops in the country. But just because a team is better on paper doesn’t give them a win. That is why the game is played on the field, and that is what scares me! I feel like the Gators have a mental edge right now, just like the Dawgs did back in the 70’s and 80’s. So, even though the Dawgs have momentum going into the game and on paper we have better players, there is no guarantee. I am very nervous about the game.

Not to mention that conveintly Florida's best player will be back for this game after being suspended for 5 games for aggravated stalking. This is a move that I expect by Urban Meyer. He could have really sent a statement to his players and other college players that domistic vilonece charges will not be tolerated in his program or in collge athethics, but instead, Rainey will be back on the field on Saturday. I guess he is just that desperate for a win, even if Rainey threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend.

As I type, a large number of the Bulldog Nation is traveling down to St. Simons, Amelia Island and of course Jacksonville to get ready for the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I will be there in spirit and I know the Dawg faithful will be supportive no matter what happens, but I just hope the drive back is going to be better than it has been lately! If there is a year to start a new winning streak, this is it!

Go Dawgs!

By the way, did you think I could do a post about the Florida Gators without showing my favorite Florida fan!
Most Gator fans look like this guy and definitely have the same taste in fashion! Check out these guys below!

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