Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool/Creepy Shot!

I was infatuated with the Ryder cup last weekend and even though the US lost the cup, it was still a very exciting finish. The Americans came close to pulling off an amazing comeback but fell short by just a half a point. There was some great golf played in the third and fourth rounds but due to the weather, there was some awful golf played in the rain soaked first and second rounds. I was reading through some of the coverage and found the incredible cool and creepy picture of a miss-shot by Tiger in the second round. The ground was wet and the grass had been trampled by the crowd, with these factors in play, Tiger flubbed his chip shot. The photographer really has a once in a lifetime picture here. The ball actually hits the lens and the picture was taken just seconds before impact. It is really cool that everyone including Tiger and his caddie Steve Williams is looking right at the photographer right before he gets plunked.

So, that is a cool picture huh! Now let’s address the creepy guy on the right side of the picture with the turban, Groucho Marx mustache and cigar. What is he doing with his hands in his pockets and why is he so happy? Something is not right about that guy! I would love to see him showing up at other sporting events around the world. It could be a game like “Where’s Waldo”!

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Joni said...

I thought the same thing when I saw this picture in SI magazine! I thought it was a joke at first.

In the picture you posted above, I have a feeling that Waldo (or Geraldo)is somewhere in the crowd behind Bobby Cox. : )