Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2-Day recap!

Meg summed it up best by saying “It was a great walk for a great cause!” She and Susie had a great time walking the 2 day walk over the weekend. The route was great, it took them through all of the different neighborhoods and areas of Atlanta. The crowds were great and they loved meeting and mingling with other walkers. The weather couldn’t have been better and everyone involved with the walk couldn’t have been nicer. The organizers really treated the walkers well and had plenty of food and water on the route and provided great encouragement. Meg and Susie enjoyed the crazy motorcycle security team that cruised the route and helped out at intersections making sure the walkers were all safe. Those guys dressed pretty outrageous and were very supportive and entertaining. She was also a fan of the hotel and the celebration dinner. But I think the thing she liked best was the reflexology foot massages they got at the spa on Saturday afternoon. I am sure that made the second day of the walk go a lot smoother!
A couple of the outrageous and entertaining security guys!

Meg and Susie enjoyed it so much, they have already signed up for the walk next year. She would love to get more people to join their team and do the walk with them next year.
Here is a few of the pictures she took along the walk!

Here are her the two smallest members of her fan club!
Here are Meg's biggest fans!
The girls in front of the High Museum!
Here are Meg and Susie at the finish line!

Thanks to everyone who supported Meg in her fundraising efforts. All of the money stays in Atlanta to help provide treatment and support for breast cancer victims. Being a “Survivor”, Meg knows how important it is to have a solid support group to help victims of this horrible disease.

Good job Meg, Susie and all of the walkers and volunteers!

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Meg said...

Thank you for all your support! It was a great girls weekend. I am hoping to recruit more girlfriends next year. Already have my list in mind!!!Watch out!