Friday, September 24, 2010

Mac’s front teeth!

Well, they are finally out! Mac’s two front teeth have been loose for several weeks now. I thought for sure they would have been out two weeks ago, but no, they just kept hanging on! They were loose, but never became really loose or loose enough to pull without tying a string to them and then tying that string to a door and slamming it. I tried every night for two weeks to get those suckers to come out but they were not moving. Even with the new teeth coming in right behind them, they still would not budge. Well, luckily he had a dentist appointment this week and they took care of the problem and they did it will no pain and minimal bleeding witch was very important to Mac. Now his new teeth can come in freely. Seriously, earlier this week he had 4 front teeth! It was sort of freaky! According to the dentist, this sometimes happens when kids get teeth early in their life, which is exactly what happened with Mac. I am just glad those snagled teeth are no longer in his mouth and he can eat normally again.

Here he is showing that he only has two front teeth now, they are almost fully in even though he just lost he two front baby teeth!

By the way, he told me that he heard the tooth fairy pays extra for two teeth at once. Apparently he was right!

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