Thursday, September 9, 2010

Henry’s first day of school

Even though his brother has been in school for a month now, Henry had his first day yesterday. Unlike his brother, he was excited to go back to school. He was excited to see his old friends and make some new ones. He was also looking forward to meeting his new teacher. Mr. Jeff is his new teacher and after the first day all Henry could say about him was that he was funny. I guess that is a good thing when teaching three year olds! Henry will be going to school three days a week now and I think he really does like going. He was so excited to go yesterday that he wouldn’t finish his breakfast and anyone who knows him knows he likes to eat, so that is saying something!

Here are a few pictures of him on his first day.

Here he is ready to go!

He is now modeling his new Darth Vader backpack!

He went straight to this toy garage out of all of the toys in the room.

Here he is playing with some old and new friends.

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