Friday, August 13, 2010

Chipper is out for the season maybe forever!

The news that most Braves fans were dreading came down on Thursday, Chipper has a torn ACL. This will end his season and possibly his career. He has already experienced a torn ACL back in the mid 90’s and came back strong. But again, he was 15 years younger and just starting his career. Now he is pushing 40 and at the end of his career. Having going through two ACL surgeries myself, I know he has a tough road ahead of him. I am not sure if I would try to come back next season or not. Either way, he has to have the surgery and he has to rehab it, so maybe he will just push it even harder to get back for one more year. I guess we will have to see!

Even though Chipper wasn’t having the best year of his career, he has been a solid contributor on the team and definitely the team leader. At this point, the team can not replace him; they can only put a band-aid on the wound and try to keep moving forward. He always posed a threat to the pitchers on the other teams and with him not being in the lineup each night, the opposing pitchers might not feel as nervous. The guys that are going to fill his spot on the field are very capable players and will have no problem producing, but they don’t have the leadership that Chipper displays. I know Chipper will be with the ball club when he can to support the team, but is that going to be enough? I sure hope so, I would love to send Manager Bobby Cox and Chipper off into retirement with a World Championship! That is if Chipper decides to retire?

Go Braves!

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