Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st day of school

I guess I have officially become the old dude in the corner who thinks things have changed way too much from when I was younger. When I was a school aged boy, our school didn’t start until after Labor Day. We actually had three full months of summer vacation, but that is no longer the case. My oldest son went back to school this week after only getting roughly two months out of school. Where has the summer gone? Even though we are still experiencing very hot weather, summer is officially over for my kids. This is way too soon to go back to school, at this rate, summer will be gone a few years and school will be a year around thing!
Anyway, Mac wasn’t real excited about going back to school. You can tell by his expression in the picture above. We tried to make the whole process as fun as possible by getting him a new backpack and of course new clothes and shoes, but none of that seemed to help at 7am on Monday morning. Turns out, Mac had a great day so I hope he won’t continue to be bummed to be back in class. Henry still has a couple of weeks until he heads back to school, so he will continue to enjoy summer, but he already misses his big brother.

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