Monday, July 19, 2010

The Open Champion is who?

I never saw this coming, even going into the weekend I never though that Louis Oosthuizen would be able to hold the lead for the finial two rounds. I truly thought that this young South African would have his name on the top of the leader board for a day and then crack under the pressure. Well, I (along with most everyone else in the world) was wrong. Louis Oosthuizen took the lead after the second round and never looked back wining the Open Championship by 7 stokes at 16 under par. He played smart and consistant for the final two rounds and really never had anyone get close to him to apply any extra pressure. Paul Casey made a charge after making the turn but a triple bogey on 12 pretty much squashed that bid and it was smoth sailing for Oosthuizen. It was amazing to watch this 27 year old mange the old course like a pro. He only had one win on the European tour before this win and seemed to come out of no where.

As the coverage continued through the weekend I learned more about Louis and how he got started in golf and that just added to the amazing story unfolding on the course. He is a son of a sheep farmer in South Africa and needed assistance from the Ernie Els foundation to get his first set of clubs. Now he has his name on the same trouphy that has all of the best golfers in the world including his menotor Ernie Els. The more I watched him play the more I liked this guy. He didn’t take crazy chances or try to force anything. He plotted his way around that difficult course like he had played there his entire life all while the more famous golfers were dropping off the leader board like pints at a near by pub. Which by the way, Louis took the Claret Jug to famous Jigger Inn right next to St. Andrews for a few pints after it was all said and done. That even makes him cooler in my eyes!
After watching Louis all weekend, I have a feeling this guy is going to be around to contend for a while. I don’t see him as being a one and done winner!

Nice job Louis!

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