Monday, May 10, 2010

The Golden Ticket!

Whether you read the book or saw the movie(s) “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, you are familiar with the concepet of a "GOLDEN TICKET." If you find it, it will provide you a very special treat and treatment. Well, Terrapin Beer Co. based in Athens, Ga has their own version of the "GOLDEN TICKET." Only the holder of the golden ticket gets a much better prize than a tour of the factory and a stomach ache from eating a ton of candy, they get a life time pass to the Georgia Theatre! Terrapin is doing this to help raise money to rebuild the Historic Georgia Theatre. The landmark has been missed dearly since it was destroyed in a fire last summer.Terrapin will release four beers under the name, "Terrapin's Georgia Theatre Sessions." The first is The Iron Tankard Old Stock Ale. Distribution will be limited to Athens and Atlanta. There will be roughly 500 cases total and the brewery will produce 50 barrels for each release.

Each 22 oz. bottle will come specially boxed and inside one box (one for each release) will be a "GOLDEN TICKET." The four golden tickets are lifetime passes to the Georgia Theatre once it re-opens. Each release in the series will highlight a different era in the history of the building:

Brew 1 – March – "The Iron Tankard" Old Stock Ale – The building started as a YMCA in 1889 and had a huge iron swimming pool in the basement.

Brew 2 – June – "Double Feature" Belgian Dubbel – Later the building became a movie theatre.

Brew 3 – September – "Sound Czech" Czech Pilsner – Highlighting the wonderful days of the Georgia Theatre’s music career

Brew 4 – December – "Hoptaneous Combustion" Imperial IPA – Inspired by the tragic fire and a look into the future.

Terrapin has been working with the management of the Georgia Theater since the fire to develop a fundraising effort. "Athens is a small community and we all stick together... it's natural that we would be here to help in the reconstruction of the Theatre," said Terrapin co-owner and brewmaster Brian "Spike" Buckowski.

Good luck on finding the ticket and if you find it but don’t feel you will use it enough, I will be happy to take it off of your hands!

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